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Year 4

Factor Pairs


Today in maths you will be exploring factor pairs, something we haven't looked at yet. Remember a 'factor' is a number that multiplies with another to make a total. So in 3x2=6, 3 and 2 are both factors, they are a factor pair. 2 numbers that multiply together are a factor pair. Today we are going to explore factor pairs and try and find different factor pairs for the same total.


3 x 2 = 6              3 and 2 are a factor pair.

1 x 6=6                 1 and 6 are a factor pair

You could also say that 2x3=6 and 6x1=6, but these use the same numbers we already have.


So the factor pairs of 6 are 3,2 and 1,6.


If you're still confused, watch this video to help you out. If you think you've got it, skip to the Powerpoint below to have a look at some examples of questions.

Understanding factor pairs

Understanding factor pairs

If you still want more of a challenge for factor pairs, then have a go at these worksheets. The questions get harder as they go on!