Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Year 1

Start by watching the below power point which will explain to you and your grown ups what a simile is. This power point uses the word 'as' within the sentence. 

Have a look at the sentences below. Can you re write them with the word that best finishes the simile?


The boy was as fast as a cheetah/snail.

The girl’s hair was as soft as stones/wool.

The baby was as quiet as a firework/mouse.

The lights shined as bright as the sun/cave.

The man was as big as an ant/elephant.


Once you have done this see if you can complete these similes with your own word. 

The bird flew as high as _______________.

The fire was as hot as _________________.

The baby giggled as ____________ as ________________.


If you fancy an  extra challenge find something around your house and write 5 similes using 'as' that describe the item. If you email the similes in we will try and guess what you are describing.