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Wow work

An enthusiastic bit of Home Learning Quest before we even got into our normal working at home today. Some great research done, and beautifully presented as always. Great stuff!

Here's a fantastic Thanksgiving float, featuring the Mayflower ship, and a fab turkey, the drawing technique for which was even researched first. Well done!

A lovely descriptive poem based on the city from Jemmy Button. Good adjectives and even a simile!

I love the journaling that you all manage to create. It's a chance for you to explore a question or idea in any way that you like, without worrying about what's right or wrong, just enjoying it. Well done!

Some nice early morning work here. It's a great way to get the brain woken up in the morning and thinking about lots of different areas of learning, whilst not over doing it.

Some great 3 star maths work in year 4 today. Good job solving the problem and also illustrating your answers with clear number sentences. Well done!

What a beautiful poem this is! Such wonderful, descriptive choices of comparisons and lovely vocabulary. Very, very well done.

Some great home learning here. I'm particularly impressed by how neatly presented it is. I always say that it shouldn't matter if your work is done in class or at home, it should always be neat. Well done!

Look at this eye-catching fact file all about the USA. I love the use of colours, pictures and patterns to make it fun to look at, whilst also being informative.

What a selection of learning we have here, and this isn't even all I was sent from this Hedgehog. Some great practise at writing and I'm loving the science investigation as well. Great job!

Great to see practising of times tables going on during isolation. I am also really pleased with how many of you are still enjoying early morning work, just like we would do at school. Well done!

What a beautiful Kwanzaa mat to be sent to finish our isolation period. A lot of work has gone into this piece of art: creating each strip, colouring them all correctly, and then weaving them carefully into the correct shape and pattern. Very well done, what a wonderful bit of home-learning.

Look at this fantastically descriptive writing, based on a scene from Jemmy Button. I love how much more detail has been added to the story than the original story actually had. It makes it so engaging to read. Brilliant writing!

\What a great few bits of home-learning to finish our time in isolation. Another superb Kwanzaa mat weaved her, and a wonderful retelling of a chosen part of the story Jemmy Button. Thank you so much for sharing them.