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Learning activities set 30th March 2020

Hello Badgers!

I hope you're all ok?

It feels very strange starting our new Learning Quest like this, but it's actually my FAVOURITE ONE EVER!

Every Monday, during school time, I will be adding a range of activities for you to try at home. The activities will be replaced each week so remember to save any documents you may need for later. Don't feel you have to print any of the included documents; they are here to support. 

You can tweet @drwalker_s or email your learning to me at so I can celebrate with everyone else in our class next week. 


So, are you ready?


Our new Learning Quest is....

Who were the real Jack and Rose?

We are learning all about the Titanic!


It would be amazing if you kept all your learning and put it into a Titanic scrapbook - I've uploaded some pictures of previous scrapbooks as inspiration.


Have fun and take care 

Scrapbook Pictures

English Writing Task 

Create a leaflet, poster or booklet to persuade me to buy a ticket to go on the Titanic. 

What to include

  • A clear heading so I know what is being advertised
  • Persuasive writing (see word mat)
  • Main features of the Titanic, for example, facilities that are available on board, etc
  • What route the Titanic will take when it sets sail
  • How much will the ticket cost
  • A picture of the Titanic

Pig Heart Boy - Chapter 9

Pig Heart Boy - Chapter 10

Pig Heart Boy - Chapter 11



Use the internet to help research the following :

  • Titanic tickets
  • Construction of the Titanic
  • Life on board the Titanic
  • The route was intending to take

This research will help you with a range of activities set this week.


Research how much it costs to buy a ticket to travel on board the Titanic. 

Did you know there were different prices depending on which class you were in?

When you've found out how much tickets cost, make your own tickets to add to your Titanic scrapbook. You could make one, or a range from different classes - it's up to you :-)

You could even try making your ticket look old by dipping a used teabag on to them.

Design and Technology

Research the construction of the Titanic

  • When was it built?
  • How long did it take to build?
  • Where was it built?
  • Who was in charge of the process?
  • What materials were used?
  • How much did it cost?

Present your findings in a format of your choice and add to your Titanic scrapbook


What was it like inside the Titanic? Use the cross section support page to help colour code your own cross section of the Titanic. It would be create if you could find out even more about some of the rooms and areas on board and add these to your scrapbook too. 


What route was the Titanic due to take before it sank? Create a map showing Titanic's planed route. Remember, you can make it look old before adding it to your scrapbook.


Watch the video and listen to music that was played by the band on board Titanic.

Titanic Era Music 1 - Songs the Ship's Band Played

These are MODERN recordings of actual Edwardian era music that would have been played by the Ship's Band in 1912. What the band played as Titanic slowly bega...




Journaling prompt - How can I be kind to myself?


Mindfulness - Put on your favourite song and have a good dance


Thought of the Week - Would you rather have toes for fingers or fingers for toes?


Dear God, 

We thank you for healing the sick and giving them new life.

Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and carers as they act as heroes in our community. 

In difficult times, keep them strong; and when their work is done, may we show them kindness, always.