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"Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one." -- Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)



Let's start today with a fun maths video!

Number Bonds to 5 | Number Pairs to 5 | Superhero Math

Have a go at answering these questions below. Can you create a number sentence for each story?


Today in Phonics we are learning another new sound drum roll please...... ee!

Today we are looking at the digraph ee. 



Please watch the lesson below!


Learn the ee digraph with me

Can you spot our ee diagraph in these words? Have a go at reading these words.  Can you write and underline the ee sound in each word?


Let's Get Creative!

Today I would like you to use anything you can find in your house to create a sea creature of your choice. You could use an old bottle, cardboard, toilet roll tube etc. Have a look at some examples below.

Collective Worship

Watch this Bible story below

Twelve Disciples sent out Mark 6: 7-13


Questions to think about

Where might they have had to work as a team in this story?

Jesus sent them in teams of two. Why did Jesus send them in pairs? 

Twelve Disciples Sent Out