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Good Morning 2.3.21


Start by watching this video to recap our Phase 2 sounds.

Phonics Phase Two Sounds Review with Cars

Recap our Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs. Please stop the video at 1:53

Phonics Digraphs Phase 3 Phonics

Sentence Writing

Can you write a menu for your breakfast, lunch or dinner so everyone in your house knows what they are having?


Today we are continuing to count to 20. Have ago at this Counting and Matching Puzzle. If you get stuck use the number line below.


Take part in this PE with Joe!

PE With Joe 2021


In this lesson, we will start to explore the garden through singing games and rhymes. We will develop our sense of pulse and our understanding of note duration.


In RE we often talk about a very special person called Jesus. But what did Jesus look like? Where did he live? Watch the video via the link below where

a young narrator describes what Jesus might have looked like and what he could have worn while acknowledging that no one really knows. He also describes what life was possibly like where Jesus grew up in Nazareth.

Extra Challenge

Soon we will be in a new season which is Spring! Can you spot any signs that Spring is coming? Have a go at this scavenger hunt below.

Collective Worship

Listen to the song below and consider the following questions:


  • Is there something that you usually find tricky that you find you need to preserver with?
  • What helps you persevere when all you want to do is give up?

Go The Distance - Michael Bolton (Lyrics) HD