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Good Morning Caterpillars

Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning 23.2.2021


Last term we learnt lots of new sounds including oo (short) oo (long) and ar. Today I have a sorting activity for you to complete.


Today for our Maths Lesson you will need to be in a large open space. Preferably outside somewhere. Ask your family members to take part in this activity.


Give each person a small object such as a bean bag or welly. I challenge each person to throw the object as far as they can.


Who has thrown their item the furthest? 

How could we check?

Discuss and try different ways to find this out. For example they could count strides or heel-to-toe footsteps or a tape measure etc.

Have another go – Did you throw it further this time? How do you know?

Finger Gym

Today I would like you to create a giant paper chain. We made lots of paper chains in December to help decorate our classroom ready for Christmas. But today I would like you to create one for your bedroom. You can use the templates below or use your own paper and pens at home.

Writing Challenge

Lots of people around the world would have celebrated Shrove Tuesday last week! Many people make pancakes on this day! Watch the video below with me to find out a little bit more about Pancake Day. After have a go at this writing activity below. Try to write short captions or sentences for each picture. 

All About Pancake Day

Extra Maths Challenge

Watch the video below to find out more about this challenge!

Extra Maths Challenge 23.2.21