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Good Morning Caterpillars! Happy Tuesday! 


Here is today's joke!


Why is 6 afraid of 7?  


Because 7 8 9! smiley




Today we are looking at the oo (short) sound. In words such as...


Watch the Mr Thorne video below

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode OO (short /u/)

Play this game on the Powerpoint. Can you read each word on the Powerpoint?


Join in with this Cosmic Kids Yoga! Then have a go at this Pirate Dance below.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Just Dance Kids 2014 A Pirate You Shall Be


This lesson uses the theme of family units to reinforce the learning about pulse and introduce some learning around high and low sounds.

Internet Safety

Today is Internet Safety Day. We use the internet a lot in our day to day lives. We can access the internet via a mobile phone, laptop, computer, tablet, TV, ipad etc. 


Talk through this powerpoint with a grow-up.


Make sure you click on the red speaker phone icons on each slide to hear me talk through the powerpoint.

Collective Worship

Listen to the song below and think about the follow questions:


  • How do does courage help us?
  • How can courage help us to do the right thing?
  • Why can it sometimes be hard to show courage?

Kristene DiMarco - Take Courage - HD