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Play Beat the Clock


The Activity

Set a timer for a minute (or half a minute) and count how many actions you can do in that time, such as star jumps, hops, or writing your name.



How many star jumps did you do? How many hops? Which did you do more of?
Did you do more or fewer than last time?
You did more jumps - does that mean you are getting faster or slower?



What do you think you can do more of in a minute, star jumps or twirls? Why do you think that is?
Try again - can you do more this time?
What makes you think you are getting faster? Or slower?

How many times do you think you can do ‘heads, shoulder, knees and toes’? How many claps or stamps do you think you can do in half a minute?


Opening Out

Can you think of some other actions you can do in a minute? Writing your name? Singing happy birthday all the way through?
Can you put your coat and shoes on in a minute?
Stand up with your eyes shut: sit down when you think a minute is over. How close were you? Did you think a minute was a shorter or longer time than it really is?


Shall we write down how many jumps you do each time, so we can keep track. What do these show?


Today in Phonics we are looking at 2 tricky words:





Listen to our tricky word song.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Watch this phonics lesson with me below


Learn 'My' and 'Was' with me

Can you think of 3 sentences that contain either the tricky word was or my?

Have a go at writing these down.

Remember to count each word on your fingers and use your phonics robot arms to help you.

Use these sound mats to help you if you get stuck.


Have a go at this episode of Andy's Wild Workouts. Don't forget to warm up and stretch before hand. Can you show your grown-up a couple of stretches you do in PE with Mr Barnes.

Extra Challenge



Collective Worship

Listen to the song below.




Trust Song

Questions to think about

How do you know when you can trust someone?

How do you define a lie?

Is it ever okay to lie? When would that be?

What is a white lie? Is there any difference between a white lie and any other kind of lie? When have you told a white lie? What was the situation?