Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Transition Days & Door Step Hellos

Transition Mornings 9:30-11:30

We hope you have received an email about transition mornings. We would like to offer each child an opportunity to spend a morning in school. We feel this is an important transition event that we would like the children to miss out on. They will meet Miss Tierney, explore the class and take part in lots of fun activities. From Friday 26th June, we have ensured that caterpillar classroom will be empty, cleaned and available for just a small group to enjoy. Each child has been allocated a group (please see the email). 


We would appreciate if you could please call the office on 01277 899298 to confirm your attendance. At this tricky time due to social distancing we are asking just one parent to attend with their child. 


The names have been picked at random and the groups will remain the same as listed. Our risk assessment for this event is available on request.


Safety measures in place:

  • Small groups so numbers in classroom will not exceed 13 (including teaching staff)
  • Social distancing within group is possible with classroom size and outside space. Adults and children will be asked to do this where possible while enjoying the open morning.
  • All children and adults will be asked to hand sanitise on entering
  • Any child or adults displaying symptoms will be asked to return home and not enter the group.
  • The group will not mix with anyone else in the school.
  • Start time and finish times means that no interaction with the rest of the school community will take place.

Door Step Hellos

Miss Tierney and a friend (Miss Willis or Miss Adams) will be coming to say hello to each child (please see email for your child's time). It will be a quick 10 minute hello on the door step. We will be bringing with us a transition pack for your child to enjoy over the Summer holidays and we feel it is another opportunity for your child to get to know Miss Tierney. We have allocated each child a date and time and if you would like us to visit – please ring the office to confirm.  If we do not hear from you to confirm we will assume this is not something you would like (which is fine!) If we do not deliver your pack – it will be put in the post.