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Good Morning 4.3.21


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Reading Task

Ask a grown-up to draw a noughts and crosses grid on a large piece of paper and to write a simple sentence in each square. Take it in turns to read a sentence before you mark your X or O. If you want to reuse the grid you could use different coloured buttons or counters to mark the sentences instead.


Sentence examples

I went to the park.

The cat had a big hat.

The dog is on a long log.

I got a sweet at the shop.

"Yum! Fish and chips".

Mum and I went on a run.



Task 1

Look around your house and see how many different ways of measuring time, you can find. Can you find a clock? …a watch? …a timer? …a sand timer? …a stopwatch? What are these things used for? What numbers can you see? Take some photos or draw a picture of some different ways to measure time.


Task 2

Draw a picture of a clock you have at home. Look carefully at the clock. What numbers can you see? Write the numbers onto your clock picture. Can you draw the hands of the clock? Which numbers are they pointing to? Do you know what time it is?

World Book Challenges

Today is World Book Day! Watch this Pepper Pig episode all about World Book Day.


Make sure you check out all of the World Book Day activities on our website you can find these by clicking the link below.

Peppa Pig-World Book Day

A Little Video To Welcome You Back!!!

Collective Worship


We are thinking about things that happen in the world that show perseverance.


We are thinking about someone who did something to help the NHS through the pandemic.

Captain Tom Moore walked round his garden to raise money for the NHS. He raised a massive 32 million pounds for the NHS through his perseverance and sadly passed away after catching covid himself last month.


Watch the BBC news clip below


Think about the following;

Was the result of perseverance worth the effort?

Do you think there were times when he wanted to give up, but carried on?

Do you think he was proud of finishing his challenge?

WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore completes his 100th lap after raising over £12m for the NHS