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Good Morning!

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Good Morning 25.02.2021


Today we are learning a new sound. It is a brand new digraph....



Watch the lesson with me below!

Phonics Lesson or


Let's start by singing our counting song!

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

Today I would like you to have a go at filling in these missing number tracks.


Today we are going to be looking at a Bible story called The Parable of the Good Samaritan. Watch the story via the link below.

The Good Samaritan was very kind to the Traveller. He gave him water and helped him get to safety. 


At school we have lots of friends.

What makes a good friend?

Is a good friend someone who helps us when we need it?


Write a list of the qualities of a good friend.

Understanding the World

This term our Power of Reading book is all about penguins! Watch this video below to find out about Chinstrap Penguins!



Can you write down one fact you found out?