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Good Morning! Let's start today with another story.

Funny Bones


Hi Caterpillars, today for Maths we are going to be answering some more number sentences using numicon. 


Have a go at the number sentences below.

Superstar Challenge: Can you show your answers using a part whole model?


Over the past couple of weeks we have looked at lots of new sounds. Have a go at writing some captions for these pictures. On the PDF document there are differentiated sheets please use what level of support you believe your child to need.


Watch this lesson below.

In this lesson you will learn about different festivals and how people celebrate these festivals. You will have an understanding of the similarities and differences between the festivals you celebrate and those that other people from different religions celebrate. 


After watching the video I would like you to write one sentence about a festival that you really liked.

Extra Challenge

Share and read together the poem I really want to be a cat. Pause to discuss it
as you read. Read it again, thinking about all the reasons that it would be so
cool to be a cat!


I really want to be a cat
I really want to be a cat,
what’s so very wrong with that?
I want to scratch and slink and prowl
but all I do is bark and growl.
I want to chase the birds and mice -
I know it isn’t very nice!
I want to jump upon the table
to steal some food when I am able.
I want to climb the highest tree
but solid ground is all I see.
I want to purr and go meow,
the problem is I don’t know how!
I want to prowl around at night
but all I do is get a fright.
I really want to be a cat,
what’s so very wrong with that?


Write your own poem!
o Talk about being a dog. Would it be fun to be a dog? Brainstorm ideas
about what you could get up to if you were a dog.
o I could run faster than any person!
o I could jump over fences or walls.
o Now look at the poem sheet I really want to be a dog, and discuss which
things we might write to create our poem.
o Together, with your child writing some parts and you writing other parts
from their dictation, write a poem about being a dog.


This does not have to rhyme.


I really want to be a dog
I really want to be a dog
I really want to _________________________
I know it isn’t very nice!
I really want to _________________________
But _________________________________
I really want to _________________________
I really want to
What’s so very wrong with that?




Collective Worship

Questions to think about

Why is it important to tell the truth?

Is it ever okay to lie? When would that be?

Are you trustworthy?

Can people rely on you?


Watch the video below.


The Boy Who Cried Wolf | Animated Bedtime Stories for Kids | Kindergarten Stories with Moral