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Hello Caterpillars!


Today we are continuing to look at number bonds to 5.

You will need 5 pieces of lego (you could also use pencils, toys, buttons etc). 


We are going to be looking at splitting these 5 items into 2 groups

(you could use bowls to help you separate the items).


See how many different ways you can split the lego into 2 groups.


See the examples below.


Scroll down for a video for support.


Example one

Example two

Example three



Watch the video below to help (only watch up to 7 minuets 8 seconds).

How to Master Number Bonds - Creative Maths | Kids Educational Videos

I Can Say My Number Pairs 5 | Math Song for Kids | Number Bonds | Jack Hartmann

Number pairs for 5. This number pairs song engages students to demonstrate the number pairs for 5 with their fingers for active engagement and strengthening...


Today in phonics we are going to be looking at the 'th' digraph. This digraph is a little tricky as it can make two sounds. 

Soft th (voiceless): Place tongue between upper and lower teeth. Blow air through teeth.


In words such as: thing, thank, think, bath, moth, both

Hard th (voiced): Place tongue behind upper teeth. Blow air and let tongue vibrates. Feel the buzz.

In words such as: that, this, than, them, then


Watch this video below by Mr Thorne does phonics

th words - phonics

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /th/ sound

Practise saying this sound. Can you think of any words that contact 'th' digraph either the soft or hard sound?


This week in RE we are continuing to learn about people who help us. If you find yourself in an emergency you can call 999. There are lots of services who can help you when you call 999 such as: police, fire service, ambulance service and the coastguard. Chat to your grownup about all of these services can you talk about how they help us?


It is very important to only call 999 in an emergency.


Learn your address and practise what you would say if you were in an emergency and had to call 999.


Watch this video below to find out more.

Teaching children how to call 999 in an emergency with Lookout Lion

Collective Worship