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Sports Day July 2020

An Essex school has kindly come up with an innovative way to run a sports day this term. The Collingwood Invitational Pentathlon is open to schools near and far.


Just use the link below to find out more;


If you scroll down to the blue headed section saying 'What do I need to know?


Here you will find the details of all 5 socially distanced events that we will be holding in school or you can take part in at home.  The events are followed by a section telling you how to collect and submit your results.


Teachers will be adding pictures in each event folder of our socially distanced sports day on the school website.  We will also tweet pictures for you to see also.


Children taking part at home, please remember to tweet your pictures of you taking part or send your pictures to myself at or your class teacher.


Enjoy and happy sports day!

Mrs Dawson