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Today is an exciting science lesson. It's time for a science experiment! I've missed doing as many experiments and investigations whilst we've all been seperated, but I've come up with one that we can all do, no matter where we are! This is going to be an experiment that's all about observing change.

In science we always talk about our 'working scientifically skills' and which ones we will use for our lessons. Well obviously this one is going to have a big focus on 'observing' and 'investigating', but you will also get to do some 'recording'. We are starting the experiment today, but it will actually keep going over...well as long as you want it to last actually.


What you need:

a plastic tray or plastic box

several different objects made out of different materials ( wood, paper, metal, plastic, fabric, you could even add some bits of left-over food)

a piece of paper

a pencil

if you have a camera then that would help your observation


What to do:

put your objects made out of different materials into the plastic tray or box. Then take it outside and put it somewhere that it won't get in the way and won't get disturbed. Leave it uncovered. If you have a camera then take a picture of how it looks now. On your piece of paper record what your different objects and materials are, for example: coke can made out of metal.

Over the coming days and weeks (or months!) you can come back to it and look at your objects and see how they change. Make a note on your piece of paper of how the objects have changed. What has changed? If you have a camera then take a picture too.


We have learnt a lot about materials at school, but we haven't yet explored how they change over time, or the effect that weather can have on them. This is a chance for your to see what impact the weather can have on objects when left outside. It may also show you how some objects are more resistant to change than other.


For an extra challenge:

After you have put your objects outside today and recorded your different objects and materials, then try writing a prediction of what each material will look like in 1 month. What do you think will happen to them? Do you think that they will all do the same thing?