Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


I've got something quite different for Science this week, making the most of the fact we're at home: we're going to do some field work! Let's start off by watching the videos on the link below. 

In these videos we see people recording the different animals they see on a tally chart on different days. I'd like you to have a go recording your own results of the different animals you see outside on different days. This can be done in your garden or an outdoor area near your house. You could start off easy, just identifying different kinds of animals (birds, mammals, etc), or you could try and record specific animals (pigeons, squirrels, magpies, etc). 


Once you've recorded this information on at least 3 separate days, could you try and put it into a chart of your choice (bar chart or line graph for example)?


For an extra challenge can you then describe the differences between the different creatures that you found? You could even add diagrams with labels, as you saw on the first video.