Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


With another week passed, I wonder how your materials are doing outside. They've had several weeks now, being exposed to wind, rain, sun and maybe even some snow. Some materials will really start to be affected by all these changes, but some will be pretty much the same as you left them (though maybe a bit dirtier). Which materials can you see that starting to be different to how they looked when you put them outside? Which materials looks very similar to when you put them out? That's some great observation, but let's try a sciencey question: why do you think some of the materials are changing more than others? To answer that, you may have to look at them a bit more closely and think about the properties of those materials....
Now we are going to continue to learn about forces. This week we are focussing on 'contact forces'. I wonder if you can remember what that means? Well if not the video below will definately help! Under the lesson link are the links to the 2 videos in the lesson, as I know some of you had difficult opening the videos last week.