Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Today we will be looking at senses. 

Can I tell someone about my senses?


Within this lesson we will look at what our five sense are and the body parts used within those senses. 

Start the lesson by listening to the song below and then have a look at the power point. 

Once you have looked at the power point have a go at the activity below.

Five Senses Song

Year 1: 

I would like you to write next to the picture the correct sense and then write a sentence telling me about the sense.

For example: We use our eyes to see. 


Year 2:

I would like you to do the same as the year ones above, however I would also like you to tell me something you can sense using the sense. 

For example: With my sense of smell I can smell my lovely dinner.


Both years to use the activity sheet below