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Today in Science we will be looking at the human body.

I can name basic parts of the human body.


Have a look at the power point below. Each slide has a microphone icon on it. If you click on this you will here me reading the power point to you. 


Once you have listened to the power point complete the activities below.

Year 1:

I would like you to label the picture of the body. I would like you to see if you can do this without using the word bank, however if you get stuck you are welcome to use it.


Can you name 3 organs/muscles within the body 


Year 2

I would like you to label the picture of the body without using the word bank. If you struggle to spell something use your sounds if you can and only if you get really stuck use the word bank.


Can you name 3 organs and write a few sentences about the role they play within the body. 


The document contains 4 pictures of the body but you only need to do one of them, just pick the one you would like to do.