Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish

Returning to school

When you get back to school, either on the 29th June or the 6th July, things will be done a little differently.

I know Miss Willis already put up some videos for everyone a few weeks ago, but here are some pictures as a reminder.


Firstly, you will be coming in through the green gates in the car park.  Year 6 have been doing this already so if you aren't sure then just follow them.

Next you need to come around the building.
Then keep going round, on the building side of the tape.
Then you have to go towards the hall as if it was collective worship. Remember to keep some space between you and anyone in front of you.
On the table to the right as you come in the door will be a hand washing station for you. Do this as soon as you come in.
Then go to your table. There will be a nametag for you on your table so you know which one is yours. You will need to stay in your seats.
If you really need to go to the toilet then you need to ask one of the adults (nothing new about this so far) and then go down the corridor on the left hand side.
And you use these toilets, no one else will be.
When you come back into the hall you need to come through the right hand door, look for this sign on the floor.

When we are outside we can use the playground and the first bit of the field, upto the tape. This does mean we get one of the goals we can use.

We need to remember not to cross any of the tapes or use the climbing equipment.

We also can't go past the gate.
Well I hope that has been helpful, we will go through all this again on your first day back. I look forward to seeing you then.