Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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We will be continuing our topic on Christianity this week by finding out about some of the Christian charities working in communities across England.


Focus Question:

How does the Church of England contribute to society across the country?  


Jot down your answers to the questions below - remember to include WHY you think this!


Do you think that it is important for the Church to contribute to the local and national community? Why / why not?


What sorts of issues do you think the Church should get involved in? How does their support of people link to their belief of 'love thy neighbour'?


Watch the following video clip, making notes about how this charity helps the local community.


Now choose one of the following Christian charities, and explore their website to see what they do and how they help the communities they are working in. Make notes about what you find out. If you can't access the internet sites, I have saved some information from the websites in the documents below.





Now that you have found out all about your chosen charity, use your notes to complete the activity below according to your year group:


Year 5: Create an information poster to promote the charity's work and encourage people to donate their time or money to support them. Make sure you include lots of information about what the charity does to help people in the community!


Year 6: Design an information leaflet / booklet about your chosen charity. Include as much information as possible about the work that the charity does and how it supports people in the community. Once you have made the leaflet / booklet, on another sheet of paper, evaluate the charity - do you think it has a worthwhile cause? Why / why not? Do you think that the work they do is important? Would you donate your time or your money to support this charity? Why / Why not?