Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


After investigating Christian charities working across England last week, this week we are going to be looking at what Christian charities are doing to support people across the world!


Our focus question for today is: 

How does the Church of England contribute to society worldwide?


Watch the video clips below about the charity Christian Aid and the work that it does. Make notes about what you find out about the charity. How does it help people around the world? 



Now watch the video clip about the Christian charity World Vision. Make notes about how it helps people around the world.

Consider these questions and note down your thoughts.

What is similar about the charities?

 How can you tell they are Christian? How do they link to the Christian faith?


Saint John wrote this in the Bible.

“I saw a vision

I saw a vision of the future

I saw the new Jerusalem coming down to Earth from Heaven, pure like a diamond, clear like a crystal

Gates of gold, open to all

I saw the River of Life flowing out of the city

And in the centre of the city I saw the Tree of Life

And every leaf on the tree was for the healing of the nations.

There was no crying there. Every tear was wiped away.”

(Simplified from Revelation 20-22)


Look at the images of Saint John’s vision. He imagines the city he lived in – Jerusalem – turned into something perfect. Like most cities, in reality is was a stinky, dirty overcrowded and dangerous place. 


Imagine Ongar turned perfect. What would it be like?

Write your own vision of the ‘Perfect Town’ for Ongar.


What would it look like?

What would it be made of?

What would it be similar to?

Would it be like the New Jerusalem?

What would grow there?

What would flow there?

What would you never see there?


Draw and write about how Ongar would be if everybody lived by the Christian beliefs about the world. – use the information you have learnt about the impact of Christianity from last few weeks.