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In our learning about Judaism we have already met Moses. We learnt about how he saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Today we are going to recap this story, but also learn more about a very important part of the Jewish beliefs: the 10 commandments.

Moses and the 10 Commandments

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At the end of this video you see Moses bring down the tablets that have the 10 commandments on them. These are the rules for the Jewish people to follow for their lives, to live the way God wants them to live. Some of the words are a little tricky to understand these days, so below you can see the 10 commandments written in easier to understand words. What I would like you to do is write each of the 10 commandments and then explain why you think it is important to do this thing. Why do you think Moses and God told the Jewish people that these rules were how they should live their lives? Write a sentence for each to say why it is important.