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Rites of passage- confirmation


Last week we learnt about baptism, an important first step in an individual's life as a Christian. Today we will be learning more about the 2nd step a Christian can take: confirmation.


Let's start by watching this video about these first 2 steps of the journey of a Christian.

Baptism & Confirmation in the Anglican Church

How are people welcomed into the Church of England?For more films like this, visit

The following website is the official Church of England website, and this is the page to give information to anyone interested in knowing more about confirmation. I would like you to do some of your own research and answer these questions:


What is confirmation?


What happens when you are confirmed?


What age must you be to be confirmed?


What happens after confirmation?

Now that you know more about confirmation and why it is practised, try and make an information poster, telling people about what confirmation is, why people do it, and what happens. Remember a poster should be colourful, clear, and informative.