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Today in phonics we are looking at the ey sound.

Lets start by playing phoneme fingers with the words below. 

Hint: they contain some of the sounds we've learnt so far this week.







Now listen to the song below which will give you and idea of some words that contain the ey sound.


The EY Sound | Phase 5 | Phonics

As it is Friday I thought we would play a game of Bingo.

I have added the bingo sheets for the the sounds we have learnt this week (wh, ph, ew, oe and au).


You are welcome to play with any of the sounds you pick you will just need to get the sheet for them (you can get the by pressing the green bingo card link on the top right of the game)


You will need to select the right game depending on what sounds you chose: 

Game 20: wh and ph

Game 21: ew

Game 22: oe and au


Spin the wheel on the game and if your word is the one shown you can tick it off your list.