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My Wonderful Life

In My Wonderful Life at the moment we are exploring this word:

Last week we were exploring what relationships were and why they are important. Relationships fits in very well with our Collective Worship theme this week, because all relationships involve some team work.Today we are going to think about the question of are all relationships the same?
To do this we need to think about some examples of different relationships. See if you can write down 5 different examples of relationships before we carry on.

There's several different examples of relationships that you could have come up with, but here's my 5:
1. the relationship with your parents.

2. the relationship with your closest friends.

3. the relationship with your pet.

4. the relationship with your teacher.

5. the relationship with your class at school.


These are all different kinds of relationships that you may have in your life, and you may have some different ones on your list too. What I want you to think about is are all of these relationships the same? Think about these questions:
Are they all as important as each other?

Do they all make you feel the same?
Do they all have the same number of people?
Do you spend the same amount of time with them all?

Do they all help you in your life in the same way?


Hopefully now you have realised that just because they are all relationships it doesn't mean that they are all the same at all. For your activity today I'd like you to write down each of your 5 relationships you came up with, then draw a picture of what it looks like. Then I want you to write what makes that relationship so special. Finally, write a sentence saying what makes this relationship different to  your other relationships. Here's some sentence starters:
This relationship is special to me because.....

This relationship is different to my other relationships because....

You don't have to email this to me if you don't want to, as it could be quite a private thing to think about, but if you want to share it then I always love seeing your home-learning.