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My Wonderful Life

Recently, in My Wonderful Life, we were talking about goals and dreams. Each of you came up with at least 1 dream that for yourself that you have, and at least 1 goal that you would like to achieve. Remember: dreams can be as big as you like, it doesn't matter if you know how you'll make it happen, it's just something you'd like to achieve. Dreams also tend to be further in the futuer.  A goal, however, is something that you know how to achieve, and that you can break into steps to achieve it. Goals also tend to be something that can happen much sooner than a dream.


So with our new isolation situation, I thought it would be nice to set ourselves a goal to achieve by the time we go back to school. Whether it's something you'd like to learn, something you'd like to make, something you'd like to be able to do, think of an achievable goal and then plan out steps to achieve it next week. It can be big or small, whatever it is doesn't matter, it's just for you. Make it happen!