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Music- Journaling

Class Notes: A Journey Through Musical Emotion (Music & Meaning Part I)

This video offers four vivid examples of classical music that will induce highly recognizable emotions in most listeners. The examples were chosen for their ...

To start off with have a discussion with someone at home, or take time to think about with yourself which songs or pieces of music make you feel calm? Which ones make you feel excited?
Listen to the second song ‘Wonderful world’ – how does this one make you feel? When might it be a good idea to listen to this piece of music?

What A Wonderful World ! [HQ]

Beautiful images, great song, an evergreen by Louis Armstrong.Hermosas imágenes,bella canción y un clásico en la voz de Louis Armstrong. Subscribe http://bit...

For your journaling I would like you to think about this link between music and how it can make you feel, and explore the question "how does music make me feel?". Think about a song that makes you feel something, and explore that feeling on your page. Then you could think of another song and explore that feeling too. The more songs you can think of, the more feelings you'll have explored on your page!