Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Music- Journaling

Today we continue to explore our weekly theme of 'perseverance'.  Here's a couple of questions to start you off reflecting on this important school value of ours:


  • Is there something that you usually find tricky that you find you need to persevere with?


  • What helps you persevere when all you want to do is give up?


For your journaling this week I'd like you to explore the question: What does perseverance look like?

As always, you can choose how you want to answer and explore the questions, it's all about you expressing your thoughts and ideas. The music to accompany your journaling is this song from Disney's Hercules.

Go The Distance - Michael Bolton (Lyrics) HD

Dedicated To Our Brave Soldiers! Brave men rejoice in adversity just as brave soldiers triumph in War-Charles Spurgeon The song is Also the soundtrack to the...