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Last half term we looked at different types of music including: 






We will continue to look at some more types of music, however I thought we would start off this term by looking at some of the language people use to describe music.


So today's lesson doesn't include any writing.


Lets start by looking at the word 'tempo' Watch the video below.


For kids - Tempo - Mr. Greg's Musical Madness

Why don't you have a go at changing the tempo at which you clap your hands, or even the tempo at which you speak. Can you speak really, really fast or really really slow. 


Next we will have a look at what a hook is in a piece of music.

What is a hook

Still image for this video

Can you think of one of your favourite songs? Is there a hook in it? You will often find that the hook will tend to be the chorus, however this is not always true.


The last musical term we are going to look at today is pitch 

Pitch: Low, Middle & High | Fun-Keys4Kids | London | Learn Music Theory Online | Piano | Guitar

Like you did with the tempo have a go at changing your voice so that it makes different pitches.

Can you do a really high voice? 

How low can you get your voice?


Advance Warning: 

Next week you will be making your own musical instrument, you can make this our of any recycled material or however you would like so it may be worth starting to save materials if you would like and your grown up allows.

You can look ahead at next weeks page if you would like to get some ideas.