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This week in Music we are looking at funk music. Some of the style indicators of funk music are below:

The focus is on a strong rhythmic groove rather than melody.

Electric bass, drums and sometimes an organ drive the groove.

 powerful horn section that play riffs.

Lots of space in the music as it is driven by rhythmic riffs and fewer changes in melody and chord structure.

 Sometimes there are no vocals.


Have a listen to the song below whilst thinking about the above features

Tower Of Power - Diggin' On James Brown

Once you've listened to the song have a go at answering the questions below. I have put some possible answers in black.


Did you like the song? 


What can you hear?

The vocal line: One male singer with male backing singers. 

The backing/accompaniment: Keyboard, bass guitar,electric guitar,drums, horn section. In the horn section there are saxophones,trumpets and trombones.


Is there a hook?

Yes, in the chorus; ‘I’ll still be diggin’ on James Brown’. ● The texture: is it thick, thin or inbetween? 


The tempo: is it fast, slow or inbetween?



As an extra challenge, can you say how this song shows features of typical funk music?