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Today we are looking at Bhangra music. Some of the style indicators of Bhangra music are below:

Its lyrics are sometimes sung in Punjabi, Hindi or Urdu and sometimes in English.

Its lyrics generally cover social issues or are about love but always pay tribute to a rich culture

 Many instruments are used to make the bhangra sound; different types of drum including tabla and dohl, stringed instruments and keyboards.

The drums are the  most important making Bhangra’s style beat based


Have a listen to the song below whilst thinking about the above features.


AR Rahman - Jai Ho [Lyrical Video] - Slumdog Millionaire.

Once you've listened to the song have a go at answering the questions below. I have put some possible answers in black.


Did you like the Song?


What can you hear?

The vocal line:  Male and female vocals and backing vocals with added electronic vocal sounds. The backing/accompaniment: Indian drumming and percussion with strings and electronic sounds.


Is there a hook?

Yes, in the verse and chorus: Jai Ho.


The tempo: Is it fast, slow or in between?

Quite fast.


As an extra challenge, can you say how this song shows features of a typical Bhangra song?