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Mrs Dawson

To Caterpillars and Ladybirds from Mrs Dawson

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A message from Mrs Dawson


Hi Caterpillars and Ladybirds,


We have met before and you know me already! You all know me as ‘Madame Dawson’ from when I use to teach you French on a Tuesday!  I am so excited to be one of your teachers in September and I cannot wait to teach you all.

I have been a teacher at Dr Walker’s for 17 years now.  I started in 2003 when I qualified as a teacher from university.  I have taught all year groups in school, but most of my time teaching has been with Years 1 and 2.

I will be teaching you on a Monday and Tuesday each week.  Mrs Walker and I are already busy thinking about your learning and we will be setting up the classrooms over the summer holidays for you all!

I thought I would write a fact file about myself so you can get to know me more!




Name:                                 Mrs Dawson

Husband:                                 Mr Dawson

Children:                                  Bradley who is 5 years old

                                                Cameron who is 3 years old

Favourite colour:             Purple

Favourite food:               BBQs and Roast lamb

Favourite sweets:                    Haribo Strawbs

Favourite chocolate:                Galaxy

Favourite crisps:                      Cheese Doritos

Favourite films:                        Anything Disney!

Favourite Holiday:                    Disney World in Florida to see the Disney characters!

Favourite ice cream:                Cookie dough

Favourite restaurant:              Prezzos

Favourite animal:                     Rabbits

Hobbies:                                   Dancing, Skiing, Ice skating, reading, going to the cinema, dinner out and Singing (usually Disney songs in the car!)

Favourite Days out:                  Bike rides, walks, picnics, Colchester Zoo and theme parks.

Favourite lessons:                    All of them!

Favourite music:                       Anything I can dance and sing too!      

Favourite Seasons:                   Summer and Winter

Things I love:                          My family and my close friends

What I missed in Lockdown:    Work and seeing my family

I would like to be:                   A Disney princess dancing and singing in Disney World.

Where would I love to live:     You guessed it… Florida in America!


Well that is lots of information about me you probably didn’t know! Now, I cannot wait to find out lots more about you all in September.

I’m really sorry that I can not see you properly before the summer holidays, but I just wanted to say that I hope you have a fantastic summer holidays with your families and I’ll see you in September.

Keep Smiling and stay safe


Love from

Mrs Dawson