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Mr Joy

Hello wonderful Hedgehogs!
I'm looking forward to my move up into Hedgehogs class! I've been in Ladybirds class for 4 years now and I'm excited for a change. Obviously, you all already know me, we've been in a class together for at least a year before, and I already know you all too! This will make the start of the year easier for us all, which is always nice. This section on the website contains 6 weeks of activities for you to have a go at over the Summer holidays if you want. It's not essential, and I won't be asking for any of it to be handed in or anything, it is just if you want some additional home-learning over the break.
Despite you already knowing me, I thought I'd include 10 facts about me that you may not have already known, so you can know me even better!

10 fun facts about Mr Joy that you may not have known


1. My favourite food is pizza (though I've had to rethink the toppings I like, you'll find out why on point number 6)

2. I really enjoy artistic films (I studied film at university) and particularly enjoy a film that leaves you thinking.

3. I really enjoy spicy food, I recently got gifted a bag of dried Carolina Reaper chillies. This both excited and scares me.
4. I like painting, mostly landscapes and miniatures. I find it both relaxing and satisfyingly creative.

5. I am a bit of a big kid when it comes to theme parks, I Love them.

6. I have been vegan since January and am thoroughly enjoying it.

7. I am currently fulfilling a long-term ambition of seeing what my hair is like long. To be continued...

8. I own a set of beard baubles and 2 sets of beard lights for Christmas. Yes, TWO sets of beard lights.

9. I really enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. These days I particularly like making vegan versions of non-vegan classics.

10. I really enjoy teaching place value. I'm not sure why. I'm genuinely excited to be teaching about, not just tens and ones, but hundreds and thousands next year (not the kind you put on ice cream..although....).