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Good Morning Caterpillars. Happy Monday! I've decided this week I want to make you all smile each day. So I'm going to post a little joke each morning to start of your day with a smile!




Now let's start the day with a story.

The Queen's Knickers


Have a go at this measuring activity.

Can you order the crocodiles from smallest to biggest?


Last phonics lesson we looked at the oo (long) digraph can you remember how to say this sound? 


Today I have a game for you to play. This game is on Powerpoint. Open up the Powerpoint and read each word. Can you guess what it is?

Finger Gym

Today for your Finger Gym activity I would like you to practice doing up buttons. Usually we would be practicing this when getting changed for PE. With the virus this has meant we haven't had the chance to practice doing up our own buttons. If you are finding it a little tricky you could try practicing on a teddy bear. 

Remember to persevere!


Writing Challenge

Write letters round the edge of a paper plate and cut between them. Go round the house or garden and fold down a letter when something beginning with that sound is spotted.


Once finished write a list of everything you found.


Collective Worship

This week in Collective Worship we are looking at courage!


Watch the video below and think about the following questions:

  • What does courage mean?
  • How do you show courage?
  • Why is courage a good thing to have?

What part does courage play in your relationships with your friends and family?

Have Courage and Be Fearless