Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish

Miss Adams

Hello Ladybirds!


I am so excited to be in class with you all again and seeing how far you have come and how much you have all grown since last time I taught you. Below are a few facts that you may or may not already know about me. 


Name:                                 Miss Adams

Favourite summer colour:  Turquoise 

Favourite food:               Lasagna

Favourite sweets:                    Liquorice Torpedos

Favourite chocolate:                Dairy Milk

Favourite crisps:                      Vegetable crisps

Favourite film:      Most Disney (Hercules is my favourite Disney film)

Favourite Holiday:                  Travelling round South East Asia

Favourite ice cream:                Raspberry sorbet

Favourite restaurant:             Moto

Favourite animal:                     Dogs

Hobbies:                                   Walking, runnning, swimming, scouts, cooking and baking

Favourite Days out:                  Walking the dog along the beach

Favourite music:                       You will mainly find me listening to Disney 

Favourite Season:                   Spring

Things I love:                          My family (especially the dog) and trying new recipes

Where would I love to live:     Australia (even if they do have lots of scary animals) 

Fun facts about me:               I have had breakfast with Bear Grylls, I have a swimming pool in my garden and I went travelling for 5 months before working at Dr Walker's


I hope you learnt something new about me and are just as excited to see me again as I am to see all of you again. 


Miss Adams