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Learning Quest

Are celebrations the same around the world?
On our continuing quest to learn about celebrations around the world, today we are going to learn about a celebration that takes place every year in the United States of America. It actually happened last week, on November 26th...have you worked it out yet? Have a look at these videos to learn more about it.

Thanksgiving Story for Kids - The First Thanksgiving Cartoon for Children | Kids Academy

A nice clear introduction to Thanksgiving: why it is celebrated, and how it is celebrated every year.

Can you do your own research of what Thanksgiving celebrations look like in America today?


Then make a picture of a Thanksgiving celebration with as much detail as possible. You can decide how it should look: collage, using different materials, even a 3D picture! Use your creativity to show what you know about Thanksgiving. Finally, write a short blurb to go with your work of art, explaining what it shows and why you made it that way.

Finally, don't forget to send me photos of any work you are proud of.
I hope that you enjoy these activities.
Good afternoon Hedgehogs!