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Learning Quest

This week we have been learning about the African American celebration of Kwanzaa. Whilst this is a celebration that takes place in America, it is inspired by the cultural values that are held in Africa, and therefore I wanted us to spend a bit more time learning about this amazing continent as well. So use the Powerpoint below and any extra research that you are able to do to fill in the fact finding sheet. Once you've done that it's time to make your fact file about Africa. Now that you've had practise doing several different fact files about different parts of the world, get a bit creative about how you put it together: it could be a brochure, a poster, a booklet, even a pop-up book! Whatever you like.
For those of you that want a big challenge, look at the bottom of the worksheet. Can you label each country in Africa?
If you need a little help then below you will find a list of all of the countries. Can you put the numbers in the correct place on the map? I've also attached a bigger picture of just the map on it's own, if it helps you to put the numbers in the correct place. Now, get out your atlas and have a go!