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Learning Quest

We have been doing a lot of work on our own animation characters over the past week. Last week we designed our own character and made instructions for others to follow so they could draw them. We then made 3D models of them out of clay. Yesterday we were going to paint them...but went home instead. 

Today I want us to and put our characters into our own story. When real animations are being designed, one of the first steps is to plot out the story like a story map or a comic book. That's what I'd like you to have a go at today! I want you to put the character that you designed into your own comic book story. Start off by thinking of what your character will be doing in your story, and then design a step by step story. Below are some comic book page templates that you can use, or you can design your own using a pencil, ruler and piece of paper.
Once it's all drawn out you can add colours.

Don't forget that most of the story in a comic book is told by character's speaking in speech bubbles or thinking with thought bubbles.