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With so much time spent looking at the wonderful illustrations of Quentin Blake in our Power of Reading book, I felt it only fair that we have a go at doing some drawing in his style too! The video below shows a guide on how to draw probably his most famous character: Willy Wonka. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper, though you may want a rubber and some colouring pencils too.
Start the video to learn about how Quentin Blake started doing the pictures for Roald Dahl, and then follow his step by step drawing with him. Make sure you pause the video every now and then to catch up and give yourself time so you don't have to rush.

How to draw Willy Wonka with Quentin Blake

Get your pencils ready because Quentin Blake himself is about to show you how to draw Willy Wonka! Meet the greatest chocolate making genius that's ever live...

Once you've finished this, you might want to have a go drawing characters for your story in English that you've made, using the drawing style of Quentin Blake!

Please send me your wonderful creations. No matter what you think of them, I'd love to see them!