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Learning Quest

For today's Learning Quest I'd like us to have a go doing some art that is inspired by Roman buildings. I'd like you to have a go making your own 3D roman temple. back in September we made Greek temples, which were similar, but I also gave you lots of tips and directions of how to do it. Now you can have a go using what you learnt, and some of your own creativity, to make one for yourself.


First you'll need to research what Roman temples looked like (there's some below if you can't do that at home).
Next think what you could use to make you temple? Here's some things to think about:
will it stand on it's own, or will it pop-out from a piece of paper?
What material can you use that will stand up and not fall over?
How will you make it the right colour?
How can you add patterns and decorations to it?
Is there any way you could add the sky or the scenery to the background?
I can't wait to see what you all come up with, with the creativity that we have in Hedgehogs class!