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Learning Quest

Today we are starting to look at our new Learning Quest:

Why wasn't Rome built in a day?

In this Learning Quest we will be learning lots about Rome, the Romans, and the impact that the Romans had on our own country, England. Usually at the start of a Learning Quest we would start by seeing what you think you already know about these things, and then writing any questions you would like to find answers to about these things. Well, that's exactly what I would like you to do today! Get a piece of paper, split it in half, and on 1 side write anything you know about those topics, and on the other side write any questions you could ask that you would like to know the answer to. Then I'd like you to add some pictures and decoration to your sheet, to make it look as creative as you can. Think what you know of the Romans that you could draw (they are one of our school houses, so that might help...).

I would then like you to email a picture of your sheet to me (with the other work that you have done today) to  and I'll use your questions to help form our learning over the coming weeks.

In case you get completely stuck, you can do some research at home online, but I've also included some pictures below that might get your ideas going.