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Learning Activities Set Monday 8th June 2020

Happy Monday Ladybirds! 

Have you had a good week? What have you been able to? I wonder how many of you found it tricky to choose four favourite toys? 


I've got lots more to keep you busy this week, and, of course, Mr Joy will keep in touch with another story!


I've been busy buying birthday presents for Amelia this week because it's not long until her first birthday! We've been going on lots of walks again too. 


I hope you are all happy and don't forget to email me if you need any help!


Mrs Walker

Phonics Bug reminder

 If you haven’t got your log-in details for Phonics Bug yet then simply email me at , with “requesting a Phonics Bug log-in for (your child’s name)” and I will reply with your individual log as soon as I can. Remember, to ensure that your reading book registers as ‘finished’, so that you get new books and earn rewards, click on the phonics bug buttons: 

(there’s usually 2 in each book, one at the start and one at the end). If you have any troubles then please just email me.



In addition to our weekly phonics play activities, you will find you can access some new phonics activities on Phonics Bug. These are games to practise letters and sounds that have been learnt previously.



Have another listen to Traction Man from Mr Joy last week. 

Your activity this week will be some acting! Can you choose your favourite part of the story and act it out? Can your grown up guess which part of the story you are acting? Or maybe you could draw it and write down which part is your favourite. 

Remember, when you explain which is your favourite part to say why! 


I'm sure you could have guessed this, but this week I want you to explore 3D shapes. Cubes and spheres for example. 


The first thing I want you to do is watch the video below. Then I'd like you to choose a big selection of toys and see if you can sort them into groups depending on what 3D shapes they have. So, if you have shapes with spheres on, they can all go together.


The second activity is to going on a shape hunt around the house. Set yourself a time limit - 2 minutes/5 minutes..whichever you want! Then go around the house with a pencil and paper and find as many different 3D shapes as you possibly can! You might want to keep them in a tally! 



So last week I asked you to see what your toys were made of. This week, I would like you to draw a few toys and label them, describing their materials:

For example:  hard/soft; stretchy/stiff; shiny/dull; rough/smooth; bendy/not bendy; waterproof/not waterproof; absorbent/not absorbent; opaque/transparent. 



Take a look at this Powerpoint about Punch and Judy Puppet shows. Have you seen one before?


I'd like you to try and design two puppets. One for a show in the past and one for a show that you might see today! Think carefully about how they need to be different for the different times they are used. 



Mr Joy told me all about your continents journey! So we better finish our travels! Today we will look at Antarctica! 


Antarctica | Destination World

Now that you’ve seen and learnt lots about the continent of Antarctica, see if you can make a fact-file all about it. Try including pictures and information of what you know. You could even do some more of your own research to find some of your own facts. When you’ve finished, you can add it to your fact-file for Europe, Asia and Africa. When we have finished looking at all 7 continents you can staple them together and you’ll have your own 7 page Continent fact book!



I'd like you to have a go at making a paper spinner! You could make a few of these with different patterns and see which ones works the best! 


I've put a link below for you to look at with your grown up with all of the instructions that you need.

Easy Emoji DIY - Paper Spinner Craft



Time to get active! How wild will you be with Andy today?!



Special objects are different for everyone. We all have different reason why they are special. 

Take a look at the special objects in this document below. Can you answer the questions about them?



Let's do some singing! 

Can you join in with this song? There are lots more on the website too if you wanted to do some more!



Don't forget to relax! Here's some more Cosmic yoga for you to do so you can enjoy relaxing! You can also do some journaling. Use the title 'What makes me special?'

Saturday Morning Yoga | Cool Cats!

A note from Mr Joy


I hope that you all enjoy the story I've chosen for you this week. Now that Mrs Walker is sorting out all of your home-learning activities this story is just one if you fancy listening to a story, with no activities from it. Mrs Walker has prepared some great activities for you so I hope that those of you that aren't yet back in school really enjoy them, and I'll be keeping an eye on the website to see what home-learning some of you have been getting up to. Have a great week Ladybirds and hopefully I'll see more of you very soon!

'The dinosaur that pooped the past', by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter

Just a fun and silly story for the week.



Here is a morning prayer for you. If you would like to write a prayer for me to put on the website next week, please do!