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Learning activities set Monday 6th July

Hello again Hedgehogs


It was fantastic to see so many of you last week and I am sure it will be great to see so many of you this week.
Those of you not coming into school, I still hope you are all well.



What I want you to do is imagine that Tom kept the lion. Write the instructions for how to look after Tom's sausage lion.



Year 3, you have a bit of maths to do with measuring and grams.
Year 4, your maths this week is all about identifying angles.

More Activities


Here are a few more activities that you can try. BBC bitesize has a good selection for you to browse if you want, I hold some of you do.



Why do you go to the forest in search of the Divine?

God lives in all and abides with you too.

As fragrance dwells in a flower, or reflection in a mirror,

so the Divine dwells inside everything;

seek therefore in your own heart.