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Learning Activities Set Monday 22nd June 2020

Hello Ladybirds!


It's another Monday already! Can you believe it?


Did you have a good week last week? What did you get up to?

Last week, I took Amelia back to the Zoo. We only spent 2 hours there, but it was very quiet and we got to have a good look at some of the animals! What is your favourite animal? The Meerkats were having a lovely sunbathe when we got there! You can see them laying nice and flat on their tummies in this photograph! 


Well done for lots more hard work, it has been lovely to see it! Don't forget, you can email me work any time that you would like me to see!


I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday celebrating the special people in your lives!


See you soon,

Mrs Walker smiley


Phonics Bug reminder

 If you haven’t got your log-in details for Phonics Bug yet then simply email me at , with “requesting a Phonics Bug log-in for (your child’s name)” and I will reply with your individual log as soon as I can. Remember, to ensure that your reading book registers as ‘finished’, so that you get new books and earn rewards, click on the phonics bug buttons - there are usually 2 in each book, one at the start and one at the end. If you have any troubles then please just email me.



You will find you can access some new phonics activities on Phonics Bug. These are games to practise letters and sounds that have been learnt previously.


How did you get on with your story settings last week?


This week, I want you to think about what a hero is and whether you think Traction Man is one.


What other stories about heroes do you know?


Talk to someone at home about your favourite hero and what you think they so that makes them heroic. This could be someone from a book or film, but it could also be someone at home!

Use the sentence starter: My favourite hero is... because...


I would like you to label a drawing of your hero with all of the things that makes them heroic. Can you write a caption underneath that describes them? 





What makes things symmetrical? 


Look at these three pictures below. Which one is NOT symmetrical? Can you explain why?

That's correct! The middle one is NOT symmetrical. This is because the line of symmetry that is going down the middle is like a mirror, so it should look the same, if you were to fold it on that line.


Have a look at this lesson about symmetry below:

Now have a look at these mini activities too. Maybe you could see what pictures are in your house that have symmetry! 




I've found some great investigations for you to try at home. Have a look and see which one you want to give a go! 

Remember to make a prediction before you start and write down what you do to carry out the experiment. Make sure you draw a diagram too! 



Let's go tooooooo........North America! 


North America | Destination World

Now that you’ve seen and learnt lots about the continent of North America, it's time to make another fact-file all about it. Try including pictures and information of what you know. You could even do some more of your own research to find some of your own facts. You'll find that I've included some more activities about North America below that you might want to include!

When you’ve finished, you can add it to your fact-file for Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica and South America. When we have finished looking at all 7 continents you can staple them together and you’ll have your own 7 page Continent fact book!



Did you know, that long ago, in North America, children had to work with the adults and were not allowed to play with toys! Only on Sundays were children allowed to play with toys and only if they taught you something! Most of the time, the toys they played with would teach them something about the Bible, such as the story of Noah's Ark.


A Noah's Ark toy could carry up to one hundred pairs of animals as well as Noah and his family! 


With these strict rules, children often created their own toys from left-over materials. Sometimes Indian traditions were adopted, such as the making of dolls from corncobs.


How would you feel if we had these rules today? Do you think there is a good thing about the Sunday only rule? 


I would like you to have a go at making some toys from left over materials. Maybe you can create an entirely new type of game or toy! Just don't forget to make instructions! 



I have found some great crafts that you can try that are inspired by Native North America! You don't have to try them all! See which one you'd like to do most! 

I've also found this great video to teach you how to draw a bird! Join in too! I've done it a few times now! 

How To Draw A Native American Inspired Bird



Here's another recipe for you.


This time, inspired by North America! 

It's a BBQ Chorizo potato salad and it will perfect for when the weather is warm! 


Give it a go with your grown up! 

There's the recipe to save and print or you can just load it up on the internet (with your grown ups permission of course!)

Happy cooking!!



I know we still have one more continent to explore, but I thought you could get a head start by learning this song about the seven continents! It'll make it really easy to remember them all! 

Seven Continents Song



This week, I want you to create your own obstacle course (Where it's safe to do so at home of course!) Think about things you might need to crawl under, or jump over, or have a good aim for! See if your grown up can take some photos of it all set up for me to have a look at! 



We have done lots of thinking about Special things in our lives. I would like you to write a prayer about all the special things in your life and decorate it so it looks really special too! 

I've included the Lord's Prayer below, have a look and you can see the decoration on that one too!