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Learning activities set Monday 1st June

Hello Hedgehogs!


I hope you are all doing well and making the most of the time at the moment. Here is another week of lessons and activities for you to try at home.

I hope you all enjoyed your half term, I have been exploring lots of places in Harlow and going out for nice long walks (no more jigsaw puzzles though). 

Remember I am more than happy to receive emails with your work; it really helps brighten my day.


Remember, my email is so please email me with any questions if you have them and I will answer them as soon as I can.


Mr Evans


Our new book is Tom's Sausage Lion by Michael Morpugo, one of my (Mr Evans) favourite children's authors. The first video is a quick introduction. 

Tom's Sausage Lion Intro

Still image for this video

Tom's Sausage Lion Chapter One

Still image for this video

English Task 1


Draw a picture of Tom, his Mum or his Dad (it could be an outline of them or it could be a more detailed picture).  Around the picture write words or phrases describing the character; looking at physical traits or personality traits. Use the example below to help you.

English Task 2


Below you will find a SPAG mat. Open up the one for your year group and have a go at the different activities.



White Rose has changed the Subscriptions for worksheets. You can still access the Videos as per the link but not the worksheets at the moment, Please bare with us whilst we get access to the worksheets! 



This half term in Science we are looking at the digestive system, as this links in with our topic of 'what fuels us'. 

So we will be starting with identifying different parts of the digestive system.

Use the powerpoint below to get you started, plus the first 2 files underneath as well (the third file is just if you are feeling upto a bit more of a challenge).



This half term we will be looking at different ways a computer and the internet can be used to make music.

The first thing I want you to try is the link below for Isle of Tune. It is free to use, so no log in required.

If you can, take a screen shot of your Isle and send it to me so I can put it on our class celebration page.



Pick your favourite song. Find the lyrics (make sure they are appropriate). Now here is the tricky part. I want you to sing along to it.
I know some of you are going to be a little nervous about this, but you don't need an audience (you can have one if you want though).

I want you to sing along to it.  I then want you to write down what you found tricky about singing along (if anything) and what you found easy (if anything). I also want you to then try and think why (don't just put something like 'it was easy because I am a good singer', think a bit about what made it easy).



Try a bit of PE with Joe Wicks or dance with Oti Mabuse. If you have a favourite PE youtuber then please let me know, I might try them next week.

PE With Joe | Monday 1st June



With our learning quest being about 'what fuels me' I thought having some work based around food would be fun for some of you.
We will start off a bit easier, looking at the food pyramid. The food pyramid is advise on how much of different types of food to try and aim to eat (not everyone does or can, but it can be a helpful start).

Using the food pyramid below, I want you to try and design a healthy meal.

The file below gives you a print out to make it easier.




This week we are going to look into a little bit of local history.


Task 1: These are some of the people who lived in Fyfield in 1851. They had lots of different jobs-can you explain what some of them are?

Rev. Charles Bateman (Independent)
James Bingham, saddler, etc.
John Bright, blacksmith
Charles Clark, carpenter
Charles Gibbs, gentleman, Fyfield Hall
Mrs Charlotte Gibson
Rev. Henry Gibson B.A., Rectory
James Hartley, tailor
Thomas Horner, gentleman, (High Constable)
Charles Howe, parish clerk
George King, farrier
Martha Mumford, victualler, Queen's Head
John Raymond Oram, woolstapler and fellmonger
John Palmer, butcher and victualler, Black Bull
John Robert Pemberton, corn miller
James Perry, grocer and corn dealer
Joseph Tanner, tailor
William Thorn, shoemaker
Richard Travell, grocer
William Travell, baker
John Waight, grocer and draper
Robert Warner, relieving officer and registrar
William Wright, malster

John Blatch, wheelwright
William Nott, wheelwright
Henry Waigh, wheelwright



Sticking with a local history theme, we are going to have a look at local maps; but from the past.

Fyfield, 1798

The map above is of Fyfield in 1798. Are there places on there you recognise? Are there any you don't?

Fyfield 1805

That map is of Fyfield in 1805. Do you think it's very different to how Fyfield is now?


Task 1:

Compare the two different maps of Fyfield, what is similar and what is different?

Task 2: 

Compare the two maps to Fyfield now (try google maps for this). What is similar about them and what is different?



Can you find historical maps from different periods of where you live and find how they are the same and how they are different to now?



Read through the powerpoint looking at some of the Christian festivals. Retell the story of Jesus in the desert; choose the way you want to retell it, you could do it as a comic strip or a more traditional story.

Big Question


Is it our place to decide what's right and wrong for another culture/country/planet?


This is a bit of a tricky question and I don't expect you to have an answer straight away (it's great if you do though). Have a think about it first and write down your starting opinion and why. We will go into it in more detail in the coming weeks.



Life can be so unpredictable.  So learn to enjoy the little things, appreciate each and every moment of your life and be thankful for who and what we have.