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Learning activities set Monday 18th May 2020

Happy Monday everyone!!


We hope you are all okay and making the most of your time, we miss you all!


Here are some more activities for you. 


Feel free to share any of the work you do with us, we'd love to see it. Feel free to ask for any help if you need it.


Chapters 16 and 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19 and 20



White Rose has changed the Subscriptions for worksheets. You can still access the Videos as per the link but not the worksheets at the moment, Please bare with us whilst we get access to the worksheets! 


There are 2 more Maths of the Day activities below though!



This week in Science we want you to look at how fossils are made and trapped within rocks. You could do this as an explanation text, you could also use diagrams.


Use the powerpoint linked below to help you.

Task 2:

Another experiment for you to try. Don't worry if you don't have all the things you need for it, try it if you can. 
If you do try it, remember to write down what you notice. Also try the challenge on the bottom right, I would be interested to see if you could.



The Ancient Egyptians worshipped a large group of gods (know as a Pantheon). The Gods were an important part of Ancient Egyptian life.

What we would like you to do is research them.

Things to try and find out:

  • Who were the most important gods? 
  • How did the Ancient Egyptians worship them?


Things to do:

  • Who is your favourite Ancient Egyptian god and why?
  • Design your own Ancient Egyptian god. Think about what they were known for (try not to copy any of the original ones if you can) and remember to draw him or her in an Egyptian style (also think about their head, that will be important).


Use the powerpoint linked below to help you start your research if you need to.




Can you compare the Human Geography of your closest town with that in Egypt?

Have a look at the word mat below with the examples of Human Geography. Can you describes the ones near you? Are they the same to the ones you might find in Egypt? Why? Why not?



This week we want you to try a bit of dance with Oti Mabuse, as well as PE with Joe Wicks.

Oti Mabuse and Marius QUICKSTEP dance class #Ballroomweek

Dance the quickstep with us on sing, sing, sing !



This week we want you to try a bit of music with Myleene. Below is a link to her music channel.


What Christian festivals do you know? How many can you name? Do you know why they are celebrated too? Which ones do you celebrate? 



I can see a few of you have been updating your Wiki pages, well done to all those who have so (plus a special congratulations to Evie-Rose and Libby for having their baby brother take his first steps, that must have been a nice birthday present for your Dad).

What I would like you to do is try to add a video to your wiki page (I know Libby has done this already). If you look at the home page (underneath Laila's entries) you will find how to add an attachment.

If you don't have a video to add, try to link to an appropriate video of your choice.



The Ancient Egyptians really liked their jewellery and the richest often wore lots of jewellery in different styles.

This week for art we would like you to try and design some, as well as making some if you can. 
Below are some example pictures to help give you some ideas.



Find time to put on your favourite music and dance. Just make sure not to knock into anything.



God, thank You for this day! Thank You for the birds and the animals, the flowers and the trees, the lakes and the streams, and the sun that rises and sets over them each day. Thank You for creating everything we see! Thank You for the life we live, and for making each person different. Thank You for Jesus, who died for us so that we can go to heaven one day just for believing in Him. What an amazing God You are! In Jesus’ Name,