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Learning Activities set- 8th June 2020

Hi Badgers,


How are you all?  Are you finding that time is going so quickly at the moment?  I can’t believe how quickly each week goes at the moment, which is a good thing! It’s another step closer to ‘normal’. 

We are really missing our families and family days out at the moment!  What are you missing the most?

We have tried to keep busy this week with home learning, science experiments and playing in the garden (in between the rain).  We have been so lucky with the weather since Lockdown, lets hope that it starts to return, as it felt weird putting jeans and jumpers on again this weekend!

Its great to see what a few have you have been up to and sharing your work.  Please don’t forget to tweet any work on the school Twitter account or send me an email at and I will share it in our celebration folder on the website.

Have a good week and continue to keep up the good work, but also taking time to relax and enjoy family time.


Keep smiling

Mrs Dawson

Power of Reading


Below are the next 2 chapters for your book.

Private Peaceful Chapter 3

Private Peaceful Chapter 4



You have 2 tasks again this week.


Task 1-

SPAG activity which are attached below.

Task 2-


I have attached pages 61-64 from the Power of Reading book.  These pages are when the Colonel finds out Charlie has stolen his dog! Your task is to turn it into a playscript.  I’ve also attached help guides for you to remind you features of a playscript.


Pages 61-64



I have attached the links for Years 5 and 6 to the Oak academy website.

Please can you complete Monday and Tuesdays tasks, but feel free to challenge yourself and complete more if you wish.



Task 1


We are thinking about materials this week.  Please have a look at the attached PowerPoint on materials and their properties.

Please have a look around your home and find some natural and man made materials.

Then can you complete the attached worksheet; adding the definitions to the correct property.  You can choose 1* or 3***. 

Task 2


You are continuing to think about materials and their properties.  Using your Art work from last week ‘designing a soldiers uniform’, please can you now add notes around it and decide the best materials/properties to use for it.  i.e does it need to be waterproof?  flexible? Thin or thick for different weathers etc.  Use what you have learnt from this weeks task 1 to help you.



You have now learnt about important dates about WW1.  This week we are going to look more into ‘Women in the war’.  Have a look through the attached PowerPoint and produce an information leaflet, poster, booklet etc. (try to do a different way to last weeks learning).



We are continuing to think about countries involved in WW1 and the flags for the countries.  Research some or all of the flags and then think of a way to display it.

Maybe you could make a flag bunting, a collage of the flags, a puzzle of the flags.



Can you design your own Soldier silhouette art?  It could be of 1 soldier or a group.  I have attached some ideas from the internet and you can complete this in any media of your choice.




• In 1914, Charlie Chaplin produced his first film. Read about Charlie Chaplin and watch some of his films. Talk about the technology involved in movie making of the early 1900s, and compare it with movie-making technology today. How did Charlie Chaplin's films help boost the morale of the American people during the Great War? Encourage your children to create their own film to entertain the "troops". 



Listen to the piece of music on the YouTube link and whilst listening to it, can you identify the instruments used in the piece?

It's a Long Way To Tipperary / Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag - Robert Mandell

60 Track Album and 20 Track Highlights Album Available.



Pick 1 or 2 of the challenges below;


1. Skipping rope challenge- how many times can you skip in 2 minutes?

    2. Balloon or ball volleyball- how many can you do without dropping it?                                  

3. How many sit ups can you do in 1 minute?


*Whichever activity you choose, try it everyday and see if you can improve.




This week you will be thinking about ‘Peace across Religions’.  First of all look through the PowerPoint and then complete the task.  The activity sheets have 1 *, 2** and 3***.  Choose the level you would like.




Journaling Prompt-

I’m glad I don’t have to… anymore


Thought of the week-

Would you rather be a pilot or a detective?


Take a moment-

Muscle relaxation;

Lie on the floor and starting from your toes, tense your muscle for 5 seconds (squeezing as tightly as you can) before releasing again. Continue all the way up to your facial muscles and relieve any tensions you may have.






I’ve attached a prayer about Peace.

Have a peaceful week and stay safe.


Mrs Dawson smiley x