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Learning Activities Set- 22nd June 2020

Hi Badgers,


Well we are now into the 4th week of our WW1 topic, are you enjoying it?  What’s the most interesting thing you have found out so far? As I said before this is a favourite history topic of mine and always has been.

Please don’t forget to show us what you have been producing for your home learning! Either tweet it on the school Twitter account or send me an email at and I will share it in our celebration folder on the website.

Let’s hope for another week of sunshine like last week, its looking promising according to the weather forecast!


See you soon

Mrs Dawson smiley

Power Of Reading


Here are the next 3 chapters for you;

Private Peaceful Chapter 8

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Private Peaceful Chapter 9

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Private Peaceful Chapter 10



You have 2 tasks again this week.


Task 1-

SPAG activity which is attached below.

Task 2-


Imagine you are a soldier at war.  Write a letter home to a family member.

Use the attached document to help you. Decide if you would like to complete 1*, 2** or 3***.  There are tips on the sheet to help you write this.

(attach help aid)



I have attached the links for Years 5 and 6 to the BBC Bitesize website.

Both year groups have a challenges task and then a further activity.


Year 5 – challenges

Year 5- subtracting decimals-

Year 6- challenges

Year 6-perimeters




Watch the short video on BBC bitesize

Next move onto the following PowerPoint.  It will take you through learning, then designing and complete an investigation.

Good luck!

History and Computing


Have a look at the PowerPoint on ‘Life in the trenches’.  It contains lots of information! I would like you to complete your own version of ‘Life in the Trenches’ for a KS1 child. Can you design your own information source for them in your own Powerpoint presentation.   It can contain whatever you feel appropriate; pictures, diagrams, text etc.   Show me what skills you have using Powerpoint! If you do not have PowerPoint, Word is also fine or failing that good old paper!



Look at some examples of trench art, such as this jug made from a shell case (see link below). Why do you think that soldiers made things like this? Design your own piece of trench art.



Design and make a model Trench however you choose.  Below are some images that might give you some inspiration.



Follow this link for information on your task.



Follow this link for information on your task.





This week you will be thinking about ‘Inner Peace’. First of all look through the PowerPoint then complete the 2 different tasks. the forst task is to complete a mindfulness activity.  You can either complete one from below or the Poppy sheet added below under the ‘take a moment’ section or you can do both.  The second task then requires you to reflect.  Please choose whether you will complete 1, 2 or 3 * task sheet.



Journaling Prompt-

The easiest thing of Quarantine has been…


Thought of the week-

Would you rather be 5 years older or 5 years younger?


Take a moment-

Complete the Poppy mindfulness activity



I’ve attached a prayer about Peace in the World.

Have a good week


See you soon


Mrs Dawson smiley